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Use of jelly gum

Author:东莞祥裕胶粘制品有限公司 Click: Time:2019-07-08 13:46:35

Jelly gum is a new type of environmental protection adhesive, the material is natural, the main component is industrial gelatin (a kind of animal glue, that is, hot sol). When using water as solvent, SGS safety test, non-toxic and harmless. The adhesive performance is excellent, the smell is fragrant, the processed product will not be brittle, deformed, moldy, blistering and so on. According to the drying speed is divided into: high speed, medium speed, low speed. 

Used for making covers of gift boxes, wine boxes, cosmetic boxes, tea boxes, hardcover book cases, photo albums, stamp albums, folders, dictionaries and so on. Production of high-grade gift box production papering. Because the main component of jelly gum animal protein, does not contain benzene formaldehyde solvent, so non-toxic, really environmentally friendly. It does not pollute food and packaged goods. The products produced by using jelly gum do not deform, are not easy to mildew and blistering, and can enhance the stiffness of paper products. Jelly glue in addition to strong stickiness, but also moderate softness, so that hardcover books, recipes, dictionaries often break parts are not easy to break. 

Jelly gum can also be used as industrial adhesive, emulsifier and emulsion stabilizer, flocculant in mineral processing, sizing agent in papermaking and textile industry, plate making and ink roller making in printing industry, etc. In addition, animal glue also has a wide range of important applications in the production of food, photographic materials, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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